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Biden lets school kids know that part of being president is dodging reporters’ questions

President Biden spoke with some kids in a classroom today, and the most transparent president ever had a few things to say to the students about the art of dodging questions from reporters:

Joe Biden talks to school children about the media traveling with him:

“When you’re president, see all these people here? They’re with you all the time, they get to ask you all kinds of questions. And you try to figure out how you can avoid answering them sometimes.”

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) October 25, 2021

Joe Biden admits he hides from questions: Reporters “are with you all the time. They get to ask you all kinds of questions and you try to figure out how you’re gonna avoid answering them”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) October 25, 2021

Hey, at least he’s being honest with the kids instead of trying to get them to believe $3.5 trillion costs “zero.”

In April, Joe Biden promised the American people that he would be “The most transparent president in history. Period.”

— Chris Martin (@chrisjdmartin) October 25, 2021

Biden’s “strategy” is to turn his back and hurry away as quickly as possible.

That and begging foreign leaders to not take questions when they are together.

— Tommy Pigott (@TommyPigott) October 25, 2021

Fact check: TRUE.

What a lesson to teach young children . . 🙄

Thank goodness the children seem unamused and bored with Joe . .😂

— Lawyerforlaws (@lawyer4laws) October 25, 2021

It’s funny he’s talking but the audience doesn’t look Like they care.

— Jason Abbott (@JasonAb46186917) October 25, 2021

Listen to this closely. He says he has to learn how to avoid answering questions. Well Mr. Biden that’s one thing that you have down pat

— Jason Abbott (@JasonAb46186917) October 25, 2021

We’re often critical of President Biden but freely admit he’s very good at not answering questions.

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